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  • Discontent with Incontinence?

    Do you have an problem you don't want to talk about? SupremeMed comes in with answers for questions about things you wouldn't to publicize. Heath is an important part of our lives, and that gets harder when you can't open up about your concerns. That's why we've brought you all the info you need on this alternative to protective underwear: Underpads.

    This puppy is sad it has to lay on rocks instead of an underpad. This puppy is sad it has to lay on rocks instead of an underpad.
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  • Government Contracting Available

    SupremeMed is also available for local and federal government contacts!

    Here's a list of qualifications we meet:

    • CAGE code
    • DUNS number
    • Variety of NAICS codes
    • Reference upon request
    • Capability statement available for review
    • Meets small business classification standards
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  • Cold Shoulder Therapy Part 2: Keep Cool With a Cold Therapy Device

    In SupremeMed's previous article in our series on Cold Therapy, we've established the benefits of cryotherapy. Everyone, for example, knows that ice packs can help with recovery and bringing down swelling even if they haven't learned about the reasoning for it. One of the tricky parts of cold therapy is finding out what option is right for your needs. There are ice packs, gels, sprays, and more. We'd also like to introduce a new option to this that combines the best of both worlds. A Cold Therapy Device is a machine that provide all the benefits of an ice pack using high tech techniques without having to use chemical solutions.

    Breg’s Polar Care Kodiak model is compact and battery powered: No need to worry about where you set it up. Breg’s Polar Care Kodiak model is compact and battery powered: No need to worry about where you set it up.
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  • Cold Shoulder Therapy Part 1: Wonders of Biofreeze

    A cold shoulder isn’t just something you give, it’s something that helps you heal faster – literally! Cryotherapy is defined by dictionary.com as “treatment by means of applications of cold.” While that sounds highly scientific, it’s not something to get overwhelmed by. As it turns out, everyone knows about this practice. What do you do when you have sore muscles? You put an ice pack on it to feel better. SupremeMed focuses on patient education. So, we’ve started this series just in time for winter: Cold Shoulder Therapy. In each installment, we’ll review different aspects of cryotherapy to show off latest advancements.

    How to manage the many types of pain people suffer in their daily life has been a question on the forefront of medical advancements for centuries. SupremeMed recommends Biofreeze, a freezing gel that assists in the healing of any sore area. People don’t like to use medical products without much information.  We wrote this handy guide on what Biofreeze is, how it works, and all the benefits it carries to keep our readers on the forefront of health technology. It’ll be a wonder more people don’t use Biofreeze by the time this article is over.

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  • Most Common Football Injuries: Knee Ligaments


    We’re deep into football season right now and here at SupremeMed, we know it can be a dangerous sport. Between accidents, tackles, and the stress this intense game puts on your body, injuries happen. This isn’t something that people just watch on TV, you have people playing on the college level or with their family and friends. Games at home often lack protective gear so it can be easy for a player to get hurt. Anyone playing this game should be aware of the different kind of injuries that happen during games. The most common kind are lower limb injuries and, more often than not, that means the knee.

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  • The Athletic Style for Any Occasion


    Sigvaris compression socks in action!

    Many athletes, like basketball players and runners are swearing by compression gear. All of them claiming these kind of tights, socks, and sleeves improve performance and recovery. Watch any game and you'll see sports stars like Lebron James and Dwyane Wade sporting these athletic accessories. What many people don't know about compression gear is the wide variety of uses. They're used for medical purposes (like diabetes and ulcers,) for sports, for long flights, for marathons and running. With a wide variety of uses like this people often find themselves asking "What are they for?" and "Are these right for me?" Here’s the SupremeMed breakdown.

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  • Compression Socks

    Compression Socks

               Compression socks also known as compression stockings are specialized garments that are known to improve blood flow in the legs. Compression socks are specially designed for individuals suffering from venous and lymphatic diseases including varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, venous ulcers, peripheral edemas and lymph edema. Compression socks or stockings are effective in preventing, halting progression and protection of venous and lymphatic disorders. Compression socks are also highly effective for athletes as they may increase oxygen delivery, decrease lactic acid, prevent cramps, and minimize muscle fatigue.


                 Compression socks are elastic garments that are worn around legs and work by compressing the limbs to move blood up the legs. This is helpful in preventing swelling of the legs and also reduces blood clot formation. Research shows that compression therapy is highly effective in decreasing venous pressure, preventing venous stasis and impairments of venous walls and in this way relieves hefty and sore legs. Compression socks reduce the diameter of distended veins and increase velocity of venous blood flow and enhanced valve effectiveness.

                  Compression socks are commonly prescribed to the patients having varicose veins, spider veins, or post-surgery as wearing then aids in dealing with aching and heavy feeling in legs, leg swelling, prevention of blood clots, especially after surgery or injury when you are less physically active. Compression socks are also used to combat lower limb ulcers.

    There are various types of compression socks having different lengths, pressures and colors. Pressures range from light to strong pressure, lengths may vary from knee-high to top of the thigh as well as compression socks are available in different colors. SupremeMed is a premier place to suffice all your medical supply needs. Compression stockings of all types are available at SupremeMed and the quality of life can be improved especially of the patients suffering from venous and lymphatic disorders.

             SupremeMed offers availability of high quality compression socks which are delivered to you right from the leading manufacturers. Compression socks manufactured by leading companies such as Sigvaris, Jobst, Truform, Activa hosiery and Juzo etc. all can be bought from SupremeMed at reasonable terms and prices. Sigvaris is the leading company among medical compression garments which are easy to use and greatly beneficial. Jobst compression stockings offer comfort, health and style all in one. Truform and Juzo are also highly popular brands manufacturing luxurious, versatile and innovative compression socks. All these kinds of compression socks having various sizes, pressure strengths and colors can be purchased from SupremeMed with reliability and ease.

    Shop now at SupremeMed to get the therapeutic benefits of best quality compression socks possessing style and luxury and manufactured by top vendors.

    click the link below:

    Compression Socks

  • Durable Medical Equipment

      Durable Medical Equipment (DME) includes those non-expendable items and accessories which are principally used for medical purposes such as in case of particular injuries, illness and disability as they are therapeutically beneficial for the patients. Items characterized as DME products are usually re-usable and are rented, purchased and ordered by a health care provider to be used at a healthcare setting or more commonly at home. Durable medical equipment comprises of ambulatory and assertive devices that are primarily and customarily used to serve a medical purpose and they are of no greater benefit to a person in the absence of illness, injury or disability.

    Durable medical equipment refers to all assertive medical devices such as walkers, wheelchairs, special beds, commodes, crutches and other mobility aids that are used by the patients in the home to assist in the quality of living. Durable medical equipment, owing to their heavy use all over the world, makes up a huge part of the medical industry.  These products not only help people to get better and live better but they also help them maintain their quality of life and even achieve higher levels. One can easily imagine that the quality of life of many people would be severely reduced without canes, walkers or wheelchairs etc. Durable medical equipment is always evolving and finding new ways to improve. The items which are approved and recommend by a physician for your care can be considered as a DME product. Such as product needs to be usable at your home and it needs to directly address your illness or injury.  Any equipment that provides you physical, emotional or therapeutic benefits can be qualified as durable medical equipment.

    Getting the highest quality healthcare is the utmost right of every individual. Best and safest durable medical equipment should be provided to the patients at home to create optimum level of care and health. SupremeMed manufactures and distributes a wide range of best quality Durable Medical Equipment. SupremeMed is the one perfect spot where you can find all of your Medical Supplies and durable medical equipment ranging from walkers, wheelchairs, ambulatory accessories, scooters and crutches to toilet seats and Bed Safety Products. At SupremeMed, we apply our deep understanding of healthcare to continue offering cost effective, high quality, and evocative products that help manage all aspects of patient care. Durable medical equipment is no exception and all of our products have been tested for durability and strive to help meet the needs of all patients.

    SupremeMed always offers affordable solutions to all kinds of customers and we provide full range of equipment and supplies right from reputable manufacturers. All of our products are designed and chosen for their quality, ease of use, and benefit provided. SupremeMed offers the right mix of medical equipment and our excellent customer service provides highest priority support. Invest in the equipment that serves the maximum benefits. We invite you to browse our online DME product catalogs and get the best DME products available online:

    Ambulatory Equipment

  • Wound Care Treatment & Products

    There are various types of wounds including acute surgical wounds, chronic non-healing wounds, trauma wounds, burns, infected wounds as well as pressure injuries. Each type of a wound requires adequate and suitable care.  Failure to take good care of a wound carries gruel outcomes such as contamination, infection, sepsis and cellulitis etc. Correct management of the wound is usually done in acute and long-term settings with the aim to achieve favorable results and there are various products being used for the process of apt wound care.

    Wound Care Products        Wound care after trauma, surgery, disease and injury is an essential component of the recovery process. Any wound when paid proper attention heals faster with minimal scarring in addition to being prevented from getting contaminated or infected. Wound care is also important to maintain optimum skin health. Recent studies have also suggested that proper dressing when done according to the stage and type of wound may help in pain reduction. The correct use of wound care products available not only helps in combating the wounds but also carries significant advantages like quicker and better healing and less incidences of infection.

    Proper attention should be paid while selecting the right type of wound dressings and bandages as they are critical for preventing wound complications and promoting wound healing. In order to avoid wounds getting infected, they should be cleaned at least once daily with special disinfectants made for wound care or clean water and normal saline and the clean dressings should be applied regularly. Studies show that wounds when kept covered are known to heal faster and this process of wound care also prevents infections. Wounds when kept soft during the healing process, lead to minimal scarring. This is achieved by using wound care products such as gels, ointments, petroleum jelly, or antibiotic creams. Thus, the use of precise and good quality wound care products make the process of wound care much easier, healthier and risk-free.

                 SupremeMed has one of the broadest ranges of general and advanced wound care products available. SupremeMed offers all kinds of wound care management products for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, surgical wounds, trauma wounds, burns, infected wounds and postoperative wounds. Critical and chronic wounds such as venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers and non-healing wounds can be effectively dealt by using SupremeMed wound care products. Several products and equipment proven to be beneficial for wound care are available at hand on SupremeMed. You can find all kinds of bandages, kits and trays, foams, hydrocolloids, alginate, gel/hydrogel, compression devices, skin preparations, skin protectants, biologically-derived products and more. These wound care products are available in various sizes and shapes right according to the type of wound.

               SupremeMed is definitely one of the best solutions to employ the principals of wound care and it helps healthcare providers to accurately and meritoriously address all kinds of wounds ranging from simple to complex as well as difficult-to-heal wounds.

    Click here to shop our wide range of highest quality Wound Care Products.

  • How to use cold therapy units and pads to treat sports injuries?

    Injuries encountered during sport activities as well as other inflicted soft tissue injuries are effectively treated by following the basic principles of R.I.C.E- Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Cold therapy is the most important component of treating sports injuries as it helps reduce the pain and inflammation in addition to promoting the healing process. Cold therapy is a part of gold standard management techniques of sports injuries and is widely used as a first aid to treat any sports injury. Cold therapy works by combining cryotherapy with static compression.

    Cryotherapy is known as the use of ice or cold to treat the pain and inflammation caused by an (most commonly soft tissue) injury. Cryotherapy is considered as one of the most common treatments in orthopedic medicine and there are various methods by which it can be applied. The exact method used depends upon the type of injury and the organ affected. Cryotherapy is basically used in the initial management of sports injury as it lowers the temperature of affected tissue/organ reducing the metabolic rate and increasing the survival of tissues. Cryotherapy serves as a protective method as it is proven that it decreases the metabolic rate. Static compression is used in combination with Cryotherapy in the management of sports injuries as it increases the external pressure on the tissues and in this way helps prevent the formation of edema and swelling.

    Cryotherapy or cold therapy can be effectively delivered by using cold therapy devices. Cold therapy devices are a perfect alternative to RICE treatment of sports injuries. Additional benefits such as better and controlled application of cold therapy, avoidance of the hazards of ice inflicted injuries and provision of the deep and consistent cooling to the injured areas can all be achieved with the help of cold therapy devices. There are various types of cold therapy devices such as units and pads which are definitely more beneficial than conservative ice-water methods of treating and healing sports injuries.

    ossur cold therapy SupremeMed provides all kinds of cold therapy units and pads that can be efficiently used to manage all kinds of sports injuries and surgical soft tissue recoveries. By using cold therapy units and pads available on SupremeMed, you can quickly get back on your feet no matter what kind of sports injury you encountered. Cold rush pads are available in all sizes and for every organ affected which can be easily applied along with elastic compression to promote better healing and recovery in addition to managing the acute symptoms of the injury. SupremeMed offers high quality cold rush pads for various body parts such as shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and foot etc. Moreover, universal cold rush pads are also available in various shapes and sizes that can be used to treat sports injury of almost any area. Various high quality and efficient cold therapy units manufactured by top brands are also available on SupremeMed that are unprecedented in terms of functioning and benefits. It was never that easy to treat sports injuries but the cold therapy systems delivered by SupremeMed has made it possible. These cold therapy units and pads bought through SupremeMed offer following benefits:

    • Maintaining consistent therapeutic temperature to aid faster recovery and controlling pain and inflammation
    • Provision of deeper cold to reduce pain and inflammation
    • Longer lasting cold maintaining the effects of cold therapy even after its discontinuation
    • Better and extensive coverage with the help of cold therapy pads available in various sizes and shapes
    • Less acute symptoms such as pain and swelling
    • Faster and better recovery
    • Guaranteed results!

    Click here to buy any cold therapy system of your preference today and get all the above benefits.

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