Jobst Opaque


Jobst Opaque is an ultra-soft, fashionable alternative to traditional compression stockings. Featuring an inconspicuous opaque knitted fabric that conceals blemishes, scars, or varicose veins, the Jobst Opaque compression stockings also provide gradient compression to help blood flow and prevent swelling. Crafted with special fibers placed in various stress points, such as heels and toes, the Jobst Opaque compression socks are extremely durable, and yet very comfortable – excellent for the frequent traveler who suffers from swollen ankles and feet!

Available with either a standard wide comfort which secures fit and improves wearing comfort or the optional SoftFit top band which features softly-adhering silicone yarns found inside of the garment’s top band which help to keep the stockings comfortably in place at the knee with less pressure. The silicone yarns of SoftFit Technology products adhere so well that it would take a force equaling a 6.6 lb. load before they will begin to slip, which is nearly one and a half times greater than other compression products with traditional silicone borders!

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