Juzo 3511HD Dynamic Symmes Shrinker 20-30 mmHg


Juzo Dynamic Prosthetic 20-30mmHg Symmes Shrinker is soft and smooth against the skin. Extreme softness and durability makes it ideal for use in post operative stump edema. It maintains shape of stump, and is flat and non-irritating and distal seam. The well-balanced elasticity ensures comfortable wearing characteristics for the patient.

  • Juzo Dynamic Prosthetic 20-30mmHg Symmes Shrinker is latex free
  • Optimum skin compatibility for sensitive, post-operative stumps
  • Provides optimal treatment both for stumps with a large circumference and those with adipose, edemic tissue
  • Correct compression dosage, and a reduction in compression level in the proximal direction from the distal stump end
  • Made with lycra which provides two-way stretch elasticity, improving wearing comfort
  • Comfortable, even when worn every day
  • Machine washable
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