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Ligating Loop with Suture Surgitie™ with Surgigut™ Plain Gut Absorbable Size 0 21 Inch

Product Details
Manufacturer # SGL2
Manufacturer Kendall
Stock Information Non-Stock, Expect up to 10 DAYS for Delivery.
Sterility Sterile..
Suture Color Undyed
Suture Length 21 Inch
Suture Material Plain Gut
Suture Type Absorbable
Suture Size Size 0
  • The Surgitie* ligating loop consists of a narrow nylon carrier (3.9 mm O.D.) through which is threaded a 53 cm (21") length of absorbable Plain Gut suture size 0 USP (4 metric)
  • The suture is anchored at the proximal end of the carrier (marked by a black band) and the carrier is scored
  • The suture extends from the distal end of the carrier in the form of a loop, having a sliding knot which secures itself when tightened
  • A delivery system (5 mm O.D. x 15.24 cm long) for the introduction of the loop and carrier into any appropriately sized Autosuture* trocar sleeve (or larger sized trocar sleeve with the use of a converter) may be used
  • Surgigut gut sutures are absorbable sterile surgical sutures composed of purified connective tissue (mostly collagen) derived from the serosal layer of beef (bovine) intestinesLigating Loop with Suture Surgitie with Surgigut Plain Gut Absorbable Size 0 21 Inch
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