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Benefits of Business Account for Medical Practitioners, Dentists and Other Healthcare Facilities

SupremeMed is a premier medical, surgical and dental equipment supplier delivering variety and excellence to medical professionals around the globe. SupremeMed is a medical supply store that helps practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapists and other healthcare providers in improving patient outcomes and doctor efficiency by providing easy access to genuine, high quality and innovative medical, surgical and dental products. Massive benefits can be provided to the patients and medical practice by opening a business account with SupremeMed. The various companies that have opened a business account with SupremeMed include Group Homes, Rehab Facilities, Government Agencies, Chiropractic Offices, Hospitals, Clinics, Schools, Doctors, Dentists, DME Stores and more. It is as easy to literally put on a clinic with SupremeMed merchandises. There are various benefits of opening an account with SupremeMed. The chief benefits include special discounts, wholesale and tier pricing that make SupremeMed a reliable source of medical equipment.

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Special Discounts

Exceptional offers, Special price-cuts, coupon codes, introductory prices, and all kinds of special discounts are offered by the SupremeMed for the benefit of all sort of customers – such as course practitioners as doctors and nurses, dentists as well as the healthcare facilities where these professionals are employed. In addition, SupremeMed is a highly reliable and leading organization that can provide your clinic with all the necessary makeover it needs by simply opening a business account with SupremeMed.

Wholesale medical products

Wholesale, also referred to as purchasing in bulk quantities, is the sale of products to retailers, large companies, industrial, institutional and commercial business users or to anyone other than a standard customer. Standard customer is the one who purchases singles or small amounts of products. In wholesale purchase, the more quantity you buy, the less money you pay. It is highly valuable for businesses involving distribution at a larger scale in order to meet their expanding requirements and it proves out to be extremely profitable as well.

Tier pricing

Tier pricing is quite similar to the wholesale pricing as it also offers greater discount on the purchase of more amounts of a product. The only exception is the fact that in case of tier pricing, there are several layers or tiers each having a better discount than the prior one. You need to move from your current tier to the next in order to reach the succeeding best discount. Tier pricing is the best option for clinics, dentists, medical practitioners, and other healthcare facilities that can easily order their entire monthly supply in a single better leap.

Contact SupremeMed today to cater new avenues to your practice and your patients' health.  Open your business account today with SupremeMed and avail at hand the best quality products at the most reasonable prices having supreme features.


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