Drainage and Suction

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Having the right drainage and suction tools is essential for preventing fluid buildup that can lead to infections and worsen patient discomfort, whether they are recovering from surgery or battling an infection. That’s why it’s crucial to have access to appropriate drainage and suction instruments. You can rest assured that your medical facility will be adequately equipped with our broad range of suction instruments, including medical suction tubes, surgical suction tubes, and aspiration systems, both new and refurbished.

We offer pumps, aspirators, tubing sets, and complete vacuum systems from well-known manufacturers like Coloplast, Allied Healthcare, Precision Medical. Our extensive selection of suction instruments includes yankauer tubes, medical suction tubes, valve vents, and catheters in various sizes, capable of accommodating patients of all types. Moreover, we also provide surgical suction tubes for various procedures, such as oral care, clearing respiratory secretions from airways, and ENT procedures, among others.

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