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Ensuring proper sterilization is crucial to prevent infections and keep your patients safe. At Suprememed, we offer a wide selection of sterilization products to help your facility maintain a high standard of hygiene. You can browse our extensive catalog that includes autoclaves, trays, containers, and accessories from top manufacturers like Advanced Sterilization Products, BR Surgical and more. Autoclaves and sterilizers come in various sizes and use different sterilization methods such as steam, dry heat, gas, and infrared heat. We offer over hundreds of different varieties from leading brands like Fisher Scientific, Midmark, and Monet Medical. You can also find a great selection of sterilization and autoclave pouches to suit your needs. Biological indicators are a critical part of the sterilization process, and we carry a variety of items like sterilization biological indicator kits, packs, and test strips that are compatible with steam, gas, or dry heat methods. You can choose from top manufacturers such as SPS Medical Supply, Tuttnauer USA, and Johnson & Johnson. Additionally, we offer a range of accessories like dust covers, receptacles, and filters to complement your sterilization process. Whether you run an acute care clinic, long-term care facility, or any medical practice, our online ordering process is simple and convenient, making it easy to get the sterilization products you need.

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