Pelvic Belt SAM Pelvic Sling™ II Buckle / Hook and Loop Strap Closure Pelvis


  • A force-controlled circumferential pelvic belt featuring an optimized one-piece design
  • The patented SAM® AUTOSTOP buckle acts to avoid over- or under-tightening of SAM® Pelvic Sling
  • Once optimal compressive force is reached, two prongs activate, clicking to confirm correct application
  • The sling is secured in place with its Velcro® system strap
  • SAM® Pelvic Sling is designed for maximum comfort, able to withstand extreme temperature or exposure to hard or sharp objects while remaining comfortable for extended durations
  • Front of the sling is narrow and tapered to facilitate urinary catheterization, interventional radiology, external fixation, and abdominal surgery
  • All material are radiolucent except the buckle’s two stainless steel springs, allowing X-rays and CT-scans without removal
  • Fabric does not stretch and cleans for reuse with standard detergents or antimicrobial solutions
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