Sigvaris Medaform Standard Calf & Foot 120X-BKX-X


The Sigvaris Medaform garments are for the treatment and management of Stage II and III lymphedema. Constructed using durable medical grade fabric with a high range of adjustability to accommodate fluctuations in limb fluid volume which is common in acute lymphedema. The garments are low profile in design and offer a high level of containment due to the non-stretch or inelastic material and placement of the closure straps. The garments are engineered for durability and are a long-term solution for the treatment and management of lymphedema. Following continuous wear, a Medaform garment may be refreshed by ordering new straps and a new wave foam liner. Key product features include; the removable wave foam liner which works to massage the superficial lymphatics and direct lymph fluid for removal, removable D-ring straps which are highly adjustable and can be positioned for the optimal application of compression, and the easy to grip donning loop which encourages independent application and removal of the product.

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