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Suture with Needle Absorbable Undyed Chromic Gut Size 6-0 18 Inch Suture 1-Needle 11 mm 3/8 Circle Reverse Cutting Needle

SUTURE, SURGIGUT 6-0 18" HE-1 UD (12/BX)
Product Details
Manufacturer # G1790K
Unit Of Measure BX/1
Stock Information Non-Stock, Expect up to 10 DAYS for Delivery.
Sterility Sterile..
Needle Length 11 mm
Needle 1 Code HE-1
Needle Shape 3/8 Circle
Needle Type Reverse Cutting Needle
Array 1-Needle
Suture Length 18 Inch
Suture Material Chromic Gut
Suture Type Absorbable
Suture Size Size 6-0
  • Chromic gut is a absorbable suture composed of purified connective collagen tissue
  • These are treated with chromic salt solution
  • Suture with Needle Chromic Gut Size 6-0 18 Inch HE-1 Absorbable
  • SUTURE, SURGIGUT 6-0 18" HE-1 UD (12/BX)
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